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Cures For Shyness

Are There Any That Actually Work?

Many times I've thought about possible cures for shyness, for I know too well what the consequences of being shy can bring. So, I've searched long and hard for any shyness cures out there that might actually work.

cures for shyness So what did I find?

Well to be honest, I found many websites, books and articles claiming to have a cure for shyness. Indeed, I've read many myself. But at the end of the day, they all just seem to spin and tell the same old story.

You see the problem is; shyness isn't an illness or a disease like catching a cold or the flu! No, to me shyness is a behavioural condition that needs to be overcome.

And that's the thing, shyness can be overcome.

I really didn't find any magic pills, solutions or cures for shyness. However, I did read a report claiming the hormone oxytocin can help cure shyness by promoting empathy towards others. It appears more research is required, but if true, then this could prove a big step forward in improving the social lives of shy people and the way we interact with others.

But in my mind, if you really want to become more confident and improve your social and professional lives for the better you must take action and face up to your fears right now!

That's the way I tackled my shyness problem and improved my life for the better and I'm certain It will work for you too.

So, if there are any worthwhile cures for shyness then desensitization and action are probably the only two.


What do I mean by desensitization?

Basically it involves gradually putting yourself into situations that make you feel shy. This is the way I managed to conquer my shyness.

Don't get me wrong, you'll feel uncomfortable and uneasy at first but that's okay. I realised that every time I felt this way I was actually moving out of my comfort zone and growing mentally stronger.

It's a step by step process, so start slowly. When you get used to one experience without feeling anxious or shy then challenge yourself further and expose yourself to more situations that make you feel anxious or shy.


This is the most important thing of all. Without taking action there really is no cure. You've got to face up to your fears and take action.

If you really want to improve your life for the better, you must make a positive decision to act today, and keep on taking action everyday to live a more fulfilling and happy life.

But again, desensitization and action are not cures, they are a means to overcoming a behavioural problem. What that means is it will take constant effort and some uncomfortable feelings and experiences on your part but at the end of the day, the reward waiting for you is too great to turn down.

Imagine living a rich, rewarding and exciting social life. A life with many friends and meaningful romantic encounters!

So, do you want to keep on looking for cures for shyness, or take action today to face up to your fears and change your life for the better?

cures for shyness

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